Vision and Mission of Canisius College

This educational institution was run by The Jesuit Order. From the day the school opened on 1927,
Canisius has aimed to remain true to its spirit on its protector St. Peter Canisius

(8 May 1521 – 2 December 1597).


Forming Canisius College as a center of excellence in educational service for faithful future leaders.



  • As an educational institution, ensuring the students to live the L4Cs, namely Leadership, Competence, Conscience, Compassion, and Commitment with joy
  • As a Catholic school, ensuring the students to be accustomed to reflection in order to feel the love of God, strive for the greater glory of God, and serve others, especially those who are in need
  • As an Indonesian school, ensuring the students to constantly seek the truth honestly, communicate and implement it for the development of others, environment, nation and Indonesian culture

Principles and Goals of Canisius College

  1. Based on Pancasila and Catholic Faith, CC seeks to educate and guide its students to have a rounded personality that are hard-working, honest, just, and responsible to the nation and people.
  2. CC seeks to instill some qualified personalities in its students, namely
  3. The personality of grown men who are able to make their own decision based on true conscience and faith
  4. The personality of grown men who are willing to get involved in daily life together with others and their issues
  5. The personality of grown men who are willing to continuously study and develop themselves

Students' Pledge

We, students of Canisius College, how to:

  1. Be loyal to the constitution, Undand-Undang Dasar 1945, and to defend Pancasila as the national foundation.
  2. Uphold our College’s motto: Diligence, Honesty, and Fairness.
  3. Respect our parents and the teachers who represent them.
  4. Build a sense of kinship and appreciation of our college colleagues and others.
  5. Be mindful and realized that we are educated and well-mannered men with faith in God and also democratic citizens who are also responsible for the well-being of the nation and the people.